People Who Are Always Late Are more Successful and Live Longer, Says Science

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When you read the title, you were probably already thinking of this person who you may have in your life. Maybe this is your best friend or girlfriend or maybe it is you who is always late. Regardless of how annoying this trait can be to others, it appears that these people have some of the most positive and beneficial traits.

Being Late and Optimism

These people stress less than others and always look at the bigger picture. In return, they are more successful at their jobs and live longer. Cool, right?

In her book Never Be Late Again, DeLonzor asserts that a lot of individuals who have a tendency to be late are both optimistic and unrealistic, which impacts their perception of time. Believe it or not, they think that they can go for a run, pick up the clothes at the dry cleaners, buy groceries, and take the children to school in one hour! All they remember is the one day years ago when they were really able to do these things in 60 minutes and forgot the remaining times when these things required more than one hour.

Positivity and Success

According to one study with salesmen, the consultants who were in the top 10 percent for optimism had 88 percent more sales than the individuals who were in the most pessimistic 10 percent. It was concluded that they performed much better because of their positive outlook.

More Enthusiastic

People who tend to be late or are disorganized have an enthusiastic spirit and are playful, high-spirited, as well as extroverted and spontaneous.

Their Passing of Time Feels Different

According to a study done by Jeff Conte, a professor of psychology at the San Diego University, the group of relaxed, creative, and individuals who are often late were asked how much time had passed after one minute and they answered 77 seconds whereas the impatient and competitive group of people answered 58 seconds. This means that those who come later perceive time longer than it really is.

Losing Track of Time

People who are late everywhere have a tendency to be engrossed in some other activity or have a lot of different hobbies. They do not see their coming late as a problem because they have the ability to see the ‘bigger picture’. They often think that if they are okay with someone being late, that others would not mind them being late as well.

Bad News: They are not Good with Money

These individuals live in the moment so it is a bit difficult for them to save up for the future.

Thinking outside the Box

These people never follow instructions or think in a linear fashion. They are the ‘outside of the box’ kind of people which often helps them find solutions in unconventional, and often, better and more effective ways.

Lower Risk of Heart Problems

Individuals who are spontaneous and always late tend to worry less than others. Since they stress less, their risk of illnesses like heart disease, which is associated with high levels of stress, is much lower.

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