9 Herbs You Can Grow in Water at Home All Year Long for Endless Supply

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There are so many herbs on Earth that we are blessed to have due to their powerful health benefits. The idea of having some of them within reach at your home is actually awesome. It’s clear that not everybody has a garden, so you can grow the ones you think you need the most in pots.

You can put them in your kitchen or any other room in your home. The trick is to grow these plants in water so they don’t need constant watering or change of soil.

Here are the 9 Herbs that can be grown indoors in water


You can grow basil in water so easily if you do the following. Put the basil cuttings in water prior their flowering and when you do this put the container somewhere near your window so that the herb is exposed to sunlight.
Lemon balm

Start the procedure by picking a few cuttings in spring and put them in water on sunlight. By the time 3 weeks pass the roots will grow from the cuttings. By this time you must change the water frequently. The leaves of this herb can be used for making some delicious and healthy tea.

It’s quite easy to grow it since the only thing you need to do is to put fresh oregano cuttings in water and pinch the growing tips as soon as the herb starts to grow.

Peppermint is a herb also known as menthol and is so special due to the cooling sensation it offers to your skin or tongue. What you need to do in order to have it in your home is to put a few cuttings in water, yeah as simple as that sounds.

You should take the cuttings of rosemary and place them in a water- full container. It’s a fact that the root of this herb needs more time to grow, and the sunlight is a must if you want the herb to grow faster.

You need branches from stevia that are actively growing. You should place them in water and put the container on a sunny spot. Growing stevia in your home means that you can make yourself stevia tea or beverage anytime you want.

The same procedure as for growing peppermint applies in here.

Sage is amazing herb and we recommend you to grow it in your home. You will take some cuttings from it in spring and put them in water. It’s important to keep it on airy and bright place.

The period of summer or mid spring is the pre-flowering time of thyme. This season you should pick some new green cuttings and put them in water. Another important thing is to spray with water the parts above water so that they don’t dry out. When the herb is already grown you can cut the stems in order to achieve enhanced branching.

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